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Greetings in Aitheon User Guides!

If you didn't sign up on our web-site yet, please, do it: initial page
When signed in, go to Dashboard and choose a service you need:
Note: go to Help Center and click Guide Me if you need some help with navigation.
Start using Aitheon. The following User Guides will help you to get familiar with our services:
    ​Aitheon Core - the core service of Aitheon Platform. Integrates all the services in one system.
    ​Smart Infrastructure - the service for managing organization facilities.
    ​Creators Studio - a full-featured code editor for the platform, includes Apps Editor tool for low-code programming.
    ​Project Manager - a tool for project management with all needed features.
    ​Human Resources - a personnel accounting tool.
    ​Organizational\Personal Dashboard - the service provides tools to manage tasks, notifications, and contains a set of widgets with descriptive statistics.
    ​Industrial Automation - manuals for connecting industrial controllers.
    Customer Support
    ​Item Manager - tools for creating and managing items, tracking item prices and stock availability, and purchasing items.
    Order Management System (OMG)
    ​Procurement - comprehensive procurement controls.
    Product Releases
    Developers Documentation
    Apps and Automations
    Apps and Automations Cookbook
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