How to add a new RFQ

  1. Select New RFQ. The modal window will appear.

  2. In the modal window, in the Suppliers information box, select Supplier from the drop-down list or enter Email Address to invite a new supplier, then enter Lead time (in days).

  3. In the Shipping & Billing information box, select Shipping location and Billing location from the drop-down lists, then set Delivery date.

  4. In the Items box, you can add an item from the Item Manager. Select item Type from the drop-down list, enter Name in the search box, and select an item from the drop-down list; then select Quantity for an item.

  5. To add another item, select Add.

  6. To upload a document, select Add any document regarding this RFQ.

  7. In the Terms and Conditions box, select a plus icon to add a term or select a minus icon to remove a term.

  8. Select Send Request.

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