Aitheon Creators Studio Overview

Creators Studio is a tool for creating and editing different types of nodes for Aitheon services.

It contains a convenient editor that supports different programming languages and provides everything you need to develop a node.

Moreover, Creators Studio contains an Application Editor tool for the codeless experience of application development. So, even without profound programming knowledge, you will be able to make a useful application for your business processes.

This tutorial is made to help you to make your app without writing any code or a few lines.

Quick Start

Go to Creators Studio:

  1. Switch from personal to organization account:

2. Launch the Creators Studio service (from the main dashboard or from the side menu):

3. Create a new project (or open an existing one):

Get started with Your First App guide. After that, you are ready for building your own app.

To make and run an application for the Aitheon services you need to:

  • Create a Project - learn how to start developing your project

  • Compose App - how to build an application in a visual programming environment

  • Run on Device - how to run an application on a device directly from Creators Studio

  • Release App - how to transform a visual flow to a working app

  • Publish App - how to put your app to Marketplace and sell

Main Elements

These things knowledge will help you to use Creators Studio fluently:

  • Home Page - main elements and purpose of the Home page at Creators Studio

  • Sandboxes Page - the content of the main working page at Creators Studio

  • App Projects - types of applications you can create in a visual programming environment

  • Flow - the main concept of visual app creation

Main Components Use

You need to know these components functions to build apps:

New Component Creation

This whole chapter describes the structure and requirements of a custom component creation.

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