Release App
To use your app you must make a release. To sell your app, you must publish it as a request for Marketplace first.


Click Releases menu (1):
Choose your project and click the Builds tab (2).
In this tab, click CREATE BUILD (3) and wait for a little. When the build status switches from IN PROGRESS (4) to SUCCESS – your build is ready to be released.
SHOW LOGS (5) at that moment will change to the CREATE RELEASE button. Click it and fill the form of New Release:
  • Tag – give your application a version number.
  • Name – give a good name that reflects the purpose of your app.
  • Description – put here a short but essential description of the app.
  • Visibility – choose if you want the app to be available for other users (Production option) or just for you (Development option).
And click SAVE.
In several minutes your application will appear in TOOLBOX, My Nodes tab (if it's a node project), in the Install Component menu (if it's a component), or other appropriate places of the Platform (depending on the project type).
Don`t forget to click Terminate to stop using a sandbox. It will terminate in 15 minutes automatically, but remember that you may be charged for these minutes.

Quick Release

Click Quick Release (1):
Choose a project you want to release and click RELEASE:
That`s all. Creators Studio will take the project name for an app and will give it the version number automatically.
Your app will appear in the My nodes tab of TOOLBOX in several minutes.
Click Quick Release Status near Quick Release on the menu.
When Status switches from In Progress to Completed, your app is ready to use.
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