Create Project

You need to create a project in Creators Studio, where you will elaborate on your application. There are several ways to do this.

1. Create a Project from Another Service

Every Aitheon service has an AUTOMATION button and Dashboard area to make and place an application there. You may create a project and get to Creators Studio from some specific pages of Aitheon services.
For example, open your Smart Infrastructure service and click one of the infrastructures.
On a dashboard, click CREATE DASHBOARD APP (1) (or NEW AUTOMATION NODE in AUTOMATION (2))and a window will pop up:
Click Create New Dashboard Application and CONTINUE.
Then give your dashboard application a name, choose Codeless Experience, and click CONTINUE:
After the "Coffee page," Creators Studio will open.
If your browser blocks pop-ups, you will see a page with the notification:
In Chrome, click the browser`s notification (1) and choose Always allow pop-ups (2). Then click OPEN IN NEW TAB (3), and Creators Studio will open.
You can also click the AUTOMATION button on the Dashboard tab and then click NEW AUTOMATION NODE on the Automation Page. The same steps will follow.

2. Open Creators Studio

Also, you can create an application from the Creators Studio interface directly.
Open Creators Studio from the top-left GO TO DASHBOARD menu on the Aitheon platform (you can open it from the left quick-access panel or main dashboard as well) (1):
A window with your existing projects will appear. Maybe there are no projects yet. Click + New Project to make one.

3. Set New Project Parameters

In the New Project window, choose a type. The only type available for codeless composing is App (1).
Give your Project a Name (2). You can use it as the app`s name later.
Select runtime (3). AOS means that your app will run on a local device, AOS Cloud – on the cloud.
If a device has its own computing capabilities, maybe you want to deploy the application to AOS. Otherwise, the program should be executing on the cloud.
Choose App type (4). Don`t be confused: project type App has three own types (or sub-types):
  • ​Application - choose to make an app that defines a device's work and allows a user to manage it with UI. Usual runtime: AOS.
  • ​Dashboard - choose to make an app that shows ongoing information for some processes. Usual runtime: AOS Cloud.
  • ​Automation - choose to make an automation flow with some services and devices. Usual runtime: AOS Cloud.
Different app types have different sets of components to use. Learn more about apps' types in App Projects.
Type reasonable descriptions of a purpose and functions to the Project summary field (5).
Click CREATE and add a description for your project. Then click CREATE. Now your project will appear:

4. Choose Sandbox

When you click on your new project, a window with a sandboxes choice pops up:
A sandbox will be that virtual place where you will compose and test your app before releasing it.
Depending on your app`s complexity, you will need a more or less powerful sandbox for smooth running. Be aware of the cost you pay for using it.
Choose a sandbox type and click CONTINUE.
Wait for a little with Coffee-cup Page:
And Creators Studio will open in a new window.

5. In Composing Environment

In a Visual Code Studio window, click the {} ....json file to open a workspace for the app`s visual composing:
A workspace with Node-RED interface (visual flows editor) will be loaded:
Now you can develop an app codeless.