Aitheon Marketplace is not a part of Creators Studio but is the service directly connected to its work.
You can publish an application or component on the Marketplace, download an app or component from it.
Also, you can publish a request on a required app on component and developers will work it out for you.

Install from Marketplace

You can reach Marketplace and install an app from any place on the Aitheon Platform where you need an app.

From Core

Open Toolbox, click Browse Nodes.
The node (app) will appear in the Marketplace tab of Toolbox.
View details in Aitheon Core Guide.

From Dashboard / Automation

Click Create Dashboard App to add a dashboard or New Automation Node to add an automation. Choose Buy on Marketplace. After you buy and install the application it will be available in the Choose from Existing Applications option.
Dashboards and Automations are available in many Aitheon services. For example, view details in Smart Infrastructure Guide.

From Creators Studio

To install a new component to the palette from Marketplace click Install Component and Browse Marketplace.
After installation of the component to your organization, it will be available for installation to the palette.
Click Install Component, choose a project and a component version. Click Install. Reload the page to see the component on the palette.

Publish to Marketplace

You can share your app with other Aitheon users. Publish your app to Marketplace with the Publish App tutorial.

Order an App

Create Request on Marketplace, describe functions you want for a component, and developers will make it.
You will get a notification in Control Panel when it's ready.