Add Node

Adding a Node from Marketplace

To add a new node in order to make tasks you need, open TOOLBOX at the bottom-left corner of the Aitheon Core interface table (1):
It will open the area where you can choose an element to add.
At the top-right corner of a window that pops up, click BROWSE NODES to open the Aitheon Marketplace page.
Find the node you need and click INSTALL. It will appear at the Marketplace tab/Functional sub-tab in TOOLBOX.
Drag and drop the needed node to the table, then close the TOOLBOX area.
Zoom in with the "+" button at the bottom-right corner. Also, you can use a mouse wheel or your fingers on a touchpad.
Drag the table for your convenience to operate the nodes.

Adding a Ready-to-Use Node

If you created a node in Creators Studio (it creates as "a project" there) and released it, your node will appear in the My Nodes tab.
Choose My Nodes tab/Functional sub-tab in TOOLBOX, drag and drop the needed node to the graph table, then close the TOOLBOX area.
You will not be able to change the settings of a node from Marketplace. You will be able to update it to a new release, though.

IO Settings

Open node Settings with three dots at the top-right corner of your new node.
Go to IO SETTINGS (1) - that means "input and output settings."
Since this is a ready-to-use node (Web client bot node in our example), you may adjust only visual positions of the inputs and outputs - Left, Right, or both sides (Center) (2).
This is useful for clear appearance: if the connected node is on the right side - place the point on the right side of the node.


In the PARAMETERS tab, you can define a specific parameter that will allow your node to execute.
In this Web client bot node, you can indicate a specific bot id to work with this particular node. You can add similar nodes with different parameters to use them in different situations. You can change this parameter at any time.


To set up AI activity for a node, click on the three dots and choose Training.


Developers may improve nodes, and if you see the "attention" sign (1) on a node and then hover the cursor over it, the New version available notification will appear (2).
Click on the three dots near the sign and choose Update to the latest version.
You can choose a node`s other release to use. Stop the execution of the node and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the node and choose Releases.
To implement all the changes that you made, click RUN at the top-right corner of the graph tab.
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