Add Provisional Node
Build your automation logic with provisional nodes. You may make a request for this kind of node and the developers will create it for you.

Adding a Provisional Node

Open the TOOLBOX area, drag and drop the Provisional Node box to the graph table grid, close the TOOLBOX area. Your new node will appear on the table.
Click on the provisional node name to change it.


Open Settings with three dots at the top-right corner of your new provisional node.
First, you will see the PARAMETERS tab (1). Parameters let you define the conditions in which your future node will be executed. They are not obligatory: if you don't need any special condition then your node will be executed every time it gets the appropriate input.
Add as many parameters as needed (2).
Type the Parameter Name. You may choose whether this parameter should be Mandatory or not (3). Choose True or False accordingly.
Specify a condition for the node to start executing in the Value column (4).

Provisional Settings

Here you can change the node`s name.
Put a detailed description of what you need the node to do (2).
Add inputs and outputs (3).
Choose the Multiple option if you want your node to receive input messages from multiple senders (4).
Type down input (or output) name (5), choose the side where the input (output) will appear on the node box (6).
For your node to work properly, choose appropriate sockets for different data messages (7). If you choose AnyData in the Common group of Socket, your input (output) will be able to connect with any socket at first and then will change its own type accordingly.
Upon configuring all the settings, click SAVE.


To set up AI activity for a node, click on three dots and choose Training.

Publish Request

To publish your request for a new node click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your provisional node and choose Publish Request.
The first step is to add Information about your request (1).
Type the node`s name that describes its purpose or function (2).
UPLOAD IMAGE (3) - it will represent your node at the Marketplace of nodes.
Choose Category of the node (4).
Your node`s URL will look like this: (5). Start typing to see.
In the lower part of the Information window:
Add a detailed description for developers (6): purpose, use cases - everything that will help to develop it.
Better descriptions will attract more attention and votes at the Marketplace. The number of votes affects the priority of this node for development.
Add screenshots if you want to show some particular process schemes to the developer(7).
Choose PRICING type and Amount to specify the price for using this node (8).
Click the NEXT button to set up CUSTOMIZATION:
Add a Logo to your node (1). Choose Background (2) and Border (3) colors.
You will see the appearance immediately (4).
Click SAVE to submit the request. You will not be able to update your request after submitting it. Each request will require a new provisional node.
After moderation, your request will be posted at the Marketplace allowing the developers to create it for you.
You will receive notification about the moderator's approval (or denial) on the Aitheon platform Control Panel. Then your request will be available on the Marketplace, and users may vote for it. Good name, clear descriptions, detailed use cases, and a nice appearance of your request will help it to get more votes. Developers will consider votes when prioritizing their plans.
You will get a notification when your request is accomplished.
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