Run and Stop Nodes

To deploy your changes in Core, click the RUN button (1):
All nodes at this level will run: if you are on the whole organization level, it will run all the nodes; if you are inside a sub-graph, it will run only nodes inside it.
Click STOP to terminate all processes (2). Depending on the level you are in the Core interface, this will either stop the entire company nodes or a particular sub-graph with all its nodes. Same concerns the RUN button (1).
Click SHOW RUNNING INFO to see the log of current runtime events (3).
To run one particular sub-graph - click the "play" icon on it (4).
To stop one particular sub-graph - click the "stop" icon on it (5).
On a node this button is on the left (6):
And the status is right above the node (7).

Node Statuses

On top of a node, you can see its status.
    STOPPED - the node does not run.
    PENDING - the RUN button is pressed, and soon it will be in the RUNNING status.
    RUNNING - the node is running.
    ERROR - the node is not running due to some error.
    RUNNING (ANOTHER VERSION) - there is a new version of this node; you may use it.
Last modified 8mo ago