Core Interface
Here is how your services look like on the Aitheon main Dashboard:
Click on OPEN CORE (1) to open an Aitheon Core service graph table.

Main elements

When you click on OPEN CORE from the main dashboard of the Aitheon platform you will see a set of services as sub-graphs on the graph table grid (2):
You can add new sub-graphs and nodes here using TOOLBOX (3).
If you press SHOW RUN INFO (4), you will be able to watch all the ongoing processes log in real-time in a separate window.
You can drag and drop these sub-graphs on the table.
You can drag the table to reach elements that are not on display.
Use your fingers on the touchscreen or use a mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out. Also, you can use "-" and "+" buttons on the bottom-right side (5). Here you can also ask your questions to a Customer Support manager ("dialog" icon) and get a hint (Pro Hint).

Find Nodes

To find a specific sub-graph or node easily use the elements three:


You can create connections between sub-graphs and nodes to build automation.
After building automations you will be present with a more complex picture, where you can trace all the connections and flows.
Did something you want to undo? You can undo the last action (or several actions) with Ctrl+Z (Cmnd+Z for MacOS).
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