Aitheon Core Overview

Aitheon Platform has a number of useful services that can be customized to your specific business model and work processes. Aitheon Core is a tool that allows you to create automated processes and link them to each other.

Aitheon Core provides you with a single graphical interface to organize and manage all the processes and automations in one place.

Compose your business processes in Core: move and add elements, connect them to each other, place orders for the development of new elements, build additional sub-services for major processes, and so on.

This User Guide will teach you how to automate your business processes using Aitheon Core. It is easily done even if you don’t have any coding skills.


Six steps for creating a new automated process with Aitheon Core

  1. Add Sub-graph - add new 'folders' for pieces of the process logic;

  2. Add Node - add new computing programs to the process;

  3. Add Provisional Node - add a 'program' that you even don't have at the moment; build logic first, and then order this program to be developed;

  4. Connect Nodes - interconnect the elements of the automated process;

  5. Create Mapping Node - if nodes can`t be connected directly, use a mapping node in between;

  6. Deploy - run the process.


General knowledge about the Aitheon Core service and its elements.

Short definitions of key terms in this Guide.

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