Toolbox Main Tab

The toolbox allows you to add new elements to the graph table.
Click TOOLBOX at the bottom-left corner of the Aitheon Core interface for it to open:
Here you can see the General tab of the tab menu (1):
    Provisional node (2) - drag and drop it onto the graph table, and it will appear there when you close the Toolbox.
    Sub-graph (3) - drag and drop to add it to the graph table.
    Text Box (4) - allows you to make notes directly on the graph table.
    Image Node (5) - allows you to add an image to the graph table.
    Search by name field (6) allows you to find the needed node by its name.
    BROWSE NODES button (7) opens the Marketplace, where you can find the node you need.

My Nodes

My Nodes tab has two sub-tubs:
    Functional - contains already functional nodes that you requested or created earlier.
    Requested - contains your requested nodes that passed moderation for the Marketplace but were not developed yet.

Marketplace Nodes

When you browse and add nodes from the Marketplace they appear here for dragging to the graphs table.
    Functional - functional nodes you added from the Marketplace.
    Requested - nodes from the Marketplace with Coming soon status. You can add them to the graph table to build a process but they will not be functional yet.

Core Nodes

Storage of nodes created by the Aitheon team for many common uses.

Sub-graph Templates

Here you can create your own sub-graph template for future use.
Set up the sub-graph's name, choose runtime from the list, add inputs and outputs, add other sub-graphs and nodes from TOOLBOX.
After saving, you will be able to use this template as many times as you need.
Last modified 8mo ago