Marketplace is an Aitheon service where one can search, purchase, request a node, and place own node for sale.
If you need a node, you may search for the needed one among ready-to-use nodes. You can discover among existing requests and vote for one with the needed function - developers will know which is wanted more.
If there is no suitable nodes and requests, you can create your own.
Your request will be supervised by moderators and placed at Marketplace. Freelance developers may take your request and develop a node for you. When developers finish their work, you will receive a notification (on your Control Panel at Aitheon platform).

First Landing Page

Open TOOLBOX and click BROWSE NODES at the top-right corner of it. You will get to Marketplace:
You may switch to Main, Categories, or Requests tabs (1).
You can sort nodes by users ratings, the number of installs, and recency (2).
You can choose a category of nodes to show (3) or search by name (4).
Here you also can CREATE REQUEST for a node (5), as well as from a provisional node settings menu. You will get notifications when your request is approved (and appeared at the Marketplace) or declined by a moderator, and when it is developed and ready to use.
In addition to Control Panel notifications, you can turn on Push Notifications in your Aitheon account settings to receive instant messages about your request status.
On each Marketplace item you will see its` type (6), a mark INSTALLED when a node is already INSTALLED to your Toolbox, or you can click INSTALL (7).
Plus, nodes may be in Coming soon status, which means they are in development. You can ADD such node to your Toolbox and drag it onto the graph table to build some process representation. But it will be a provisional (non-functional) node until developers make it.

Main Tab

Main represents the most popular nodes and requests by types with the possibility to filter and search needed items.

Categories Tab

Here you can see all existing categories with nodes amount in them.

Requests Tab

There are several sub-tabs:
    Open requests
    In development
    My requests
Discover and vote for requests to show developers which nodes are more wanted.
Also, you may remove your node from the Marketplace. Just choose it in My requests and click Unpublish.
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