Create Mapping Node
Aitheon Core allows connecting only outputs and inputs directly to the same sockets. To connect nodes without compatible sockets create a Mapping node.
When you try to connect incompatible sockets, a new mapping node window will be prompted.
Another way to make a connection with a mapping node is using Create input and Create output:
Click the connecting "+" button near the Create output (or input) option of your node. A green dot will appear on every other node of the table - input or output points accordingly (2).
Connect the points, and mapping node settings will pop up:
When you choose output and input services, you will be able to connect data fields: click an output connecting point (1), and connectable input spots (2) will highlight.
Notice that you may link fields with the same data type, or you may connect any output field with any string type field of input. In this case, the message will be converted to a "string" type.
If there is a Required field (3), you may make it Static and define data that goes to input every time so that the connection will match.
Another way to pass static value: ADD CUSTOM FIELD with additional data type if your need (4) and connect it with the Required field. Fill the field with a custom text value and it will be transferred each time.
Click SAVE. A new mapping node will appear:
You may change its settings or remove the node. Click on the three dots over the mapping node and choose an option.
You can connect the mapping node`s input and output with multiple corresponding outputs/inputs.
And don't forget to click RUN to deploy the changes that you made.
Last modified 7mo ago
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