Aitheon Apps Editor

A flow-based visual programming tool in Creators Studio. Allows a user to create and edit applications for Aitheon Platform even without deep programming knowledge.


A computer program that provides a user with needed functionality. There are three types of applications that a user can create in Creators Studio.


A distinct part of programming logic that performs some function in an Apps Editor project flow. E.g. http in that takes a message from a particular http, or chart that creates a UI chart widget. Components are placed on Apps Editor`s palette and divided by categories. One can use standard components, create a custom component, purchase needed components on Marketplace.
Creating an application in Apps Editor is building visual flows with components.

Deploy / Deployment

In Creators Studio: after creating an app in Apps Editor you should click Deploy to apply all the changes to your app in the Sandbox. After clicking Deploy you can check and debug the flow.


The sequence of connected components in the workspace of Apps Editor that represents the application logic. Tabs in Apps Editor also called Flows.


The Aitheon service for selling and buying applications and components. Items on the Marketplace sorted by types and have user ratings. If there are no needed items, you can order an application or a component by placing a request on the Marketplace.


A visual representation of an application on the Core table grid. Each service, device, application that works in an organization is displayed as a node or a sub-graph (a node with nested nodes within):
A user builds automations by connecting nodes and sub-graphs. See the Aitheon Core Guide.


You can make a release with the Releases menu, where you have to do a build first. Or with the Quick Release menu, where the release will get the name of the project and a release number automatically.


AOS runtime: an application runs on a specific device where it deployed to.
AOS Cloud runtime: an application runs in the Aitheon cloud.


A cloud programmer environment for projects development and testing. It is created each time a user opens a project (projects) in Creators Studio. Depending on your needs, you may choose a sandbox type: