Aitheon Components
There are useful components developed for Aitheon Core integration.
Go to the palette and expand the Aitheon category.

graph output

Aitheon made this component to allow you to make application node output ports on the graph table.
Open the aitheon category on the palette and drug graph output component (1) to the flow tab (2).
In this particular example, a simple application sends a command to an item after a user hits a tablet.
The button component adds a button to the app. The function component describes a command for an item when the button is being pressed. Finally, the graph output component defines how to send this command to the item.


When double-clicking on the graph output component at the flow tab, the properties window appears:
Here you can give the component a Name (1). Select a proper Socket Group (2) and a Socket (3) that corresponds to an item`s node input (or another node that you are going to wire with).
Connect the flow components, click Deploy, and after making a release, you can add the application node to the graph table and build a process:

graph input

The component allows making an input point on the application node.
Drag the graph input component (1) onto the flow tab table (2) to make an input point for the application node.
Set parameters as in graph output, and after release, you will see an input port on the application node.

graph setting param