Publish App

Submit a Request

To sell your app at Aitheon Marketplace you need to send a request for publishing it there.
Click Settings and choose the project with an app you want to submit to Marketplace.
Set up application properties:
  • Name - type a good name that represents the essence of the app.
  • UPLOAD IMAGE - this image will attract the attention of buyers at Marketplace.
  • Category - buyers can filter apps by categories at Marketplace.
  • Product URL - shows how it will look at the address line. Type a word, and you will see the result above this field.
  • Description - describe the purpose, functions, use cases of the app for your buyers.
  • Screenshots - add screenshots of the appearance of your application.
  • PRICING - choose how do you want to charge for the application.
  • Amount - and note how much it will cost.
Click NEXT to customize the appearance of your app on the graph table:
Add a good Logo and colors for your application node. You will see the preview immediately.
Click SAVE to submit your request.
After moderation, your app will appear at Marketplace so that the user can buy it. You will get a notification about successful submitting and successful moderation pass – check the Control panel of the Aitheon platform. Or your request may be declined for some reason. You`ll get a notification anyway.
Don`t forget to click Terminate to stop using Creators Studio. It will terminate in 15 minutes automatically, but remember that you may be charged for these minutes.

Unpublish an App

To remove your application from Marketplace, open the relative project in the Creators Studio Home menu, and click UNPUBLISH. Confirm unpublishing.
Another way to do this: find your app at Marketplace, open it in My requests, and click Unpublish. Confirm unpublishing.
After unpublishing users, who already bought your app, still will receive all updates.