Create Automation
An Automation application works on a controller and allows you to make some logics with a user interface. So that a user may give commands or supervise ongoing processes at a station.
Explore Creators Studio Guide for more information.
Open the Automation page:
Here you can see the NEW AUTOMATION NODE (1) button. Click it:

There are 4 options for creating an Automation application:

    Create new automation. You can create your own automation in the Creator Studio.
    Choose from Existing Automations. You can add an automation app from those you have already created.
    Buy on Marketplace. You can buy an automation app that has already been created.
    Request. You can request the development of a customized application.

Create a New Automation

To create your own automation app, choose the option (1) and click CONTINUE:
Give a name to your new app and choose one of two modes:
    Codeless experience (1) – to date, only this one is available for users. You can compose an app in a visual Application Builder in the Creators Studio service. Without writing code.
    Coded experience (Advanced) – you can make an app in a convenient VScode environment in the Creators Studio service. Use a programming language you like.
Click on CONTINUE.
Creators Studio will open in a new tab with the New Application Project opened in Sandbox. But first, wait while the Coffee Page is loading.

Choose From Existing Automations

If you have made an application in Creators Studio earlier, you can activate it from Existing Automations. Choose from Existing Automations. Click on CONTINUE.
Choose a required app and click ADD.
The Appearance of your application will depend on its type; for instance, a temperature controlling app may look like this one:
It will locate on an Automation Page in tab Active. To alter something in your app, click on TURN ON EDIT MODE (1).
To discard your settings, click on CANCEL (1). To save the changes, click on SAVE (2).
    Like always, settings are three dots on the right (1).
    You can edit your automation in Creators Studio by choosing Edit Automation (2).
    If you need to get rid of the application – delete it (3).

Buy on Marketplace

Click on + NEW AUTOMATION NODE and choose Buy on Marketplace, then CONTINUE.
At Marketplace, choose the category you need (in this case, it is Smart Infrastructure).
Choose from existing nodes; click on it to learn more.
ADD the node (1).
The node will appear at the Aitheon Core service.
Open Toolbox (on the lower portion of the screen) and find Marketplace Nodes: here will be your node.
You may also go to the Most Popular tab on the Automation Page and choose from the presented options.
    Click on the name of the app to learn more.
    To add the app, click ADD.


You can submit a request for an app with specific functions at Aitheon Marketplace.
Choose to write a Request and click CONTINUE.
Fill in a request form:
Set up application properties:
    Name – type a good name that represents the essence of the app (1).
    UPLOAD IMAGE – this image will attract the attention of buyers at Marketplace (2).
    Category – buyers can filter apps by categories at Marketplace (3).
    Product URL – shows how it will look at the address line. Type a word, and you will see the result above this field (4).
    Description – describe the purpose, functions, use cases of the app for your buyers (5).
    Screenshots – add screenshots of the appearance of your application (6).
    PRICING – choose how do you want to charge for the application (7).
    Amount – and note how much it will cost (8).
Click NEXT to customize the appearance of your app on the graph table (9).
Add a good Logo (1) and colors (2) for your application node. You will see the preview immediately. Click on NEXT.
You can skip this step if you do not know what to put here. A developer will do it for you. If you want to know more - explore inputs and outputs in making requests with Provisional Nodes in Aitheon Core Guide.
Input/Output Name (1) – give appropriate names. Choose the socket category and type (2). Add as many inputs/outputs as you need (3).
If you are not a developer, you don't need to know data types and sockets for them. You may depict automation on the graph table just using the AnyData socket of the Common group.
The AnyData socket allows you to build some business logic connecting nodes and sub-graphs and not to pay attention to technical details. If you describe your needs and use cases in a request or a provisional node correctly, a developer will set up appropriate sockets and other settings for you.
After sending the request, you will be noted when a developer will take it and when the application will be ready to use. Check your Aitheon service Control Panel.
Last modified 9mo ago