Add Application
An application is a program, that allows a user to communicate with devices using screen buttons, switchers, charts, text columns, audio signals, and so on. More about this in the Creators Studio Guide.

Adding New Application to the Station

When you press Add new application on the station's info page you are shown the following tab.
New Application Tab

There are 4 options for adding new applications:

    Create new application. You can create your own application in the Creator Studio.
    Choose from Existing applications. You can add an application among those you have already created.
    Buy on Marketplace. You can buy an application that has been already created.
    Request. You can request the development of a customized application.
You can add an application from other places of the service, such as Stations or a controller page. Buttons for this: Add Dashboard, Automations/Add Automation. Explore apps creating and adding in Creators Studio.
Last modified 9mo ago