Add Device

To add a new device to your infrastructure, go to the Device Manager menu and click on the Add Device button.

'Add Device' buttons

You can add a device only to the infrastructure you have chosen on the Add Infrastructure page. If you want to add a device to different infrastructure, go to the All Infrastructures page and open another structure dashboard.

Upon clicking on Add Device, you'll be redirected to the New Device page.

'New Device' menu
  1. Device Name. Give your device a name.

  2. Device Type. Add the type of your device to adjust the service functionality accordingly.

  3. Serial Number. Add the serial number of your device. You'll receive it after purchasing the device. Some devices do not have a serial number, so you can choose I don't have serial number option.

  4. Driver Software. Choose the software of your device.

  5. IP Address & Address Port. Important only for devices with connection types 'Wi-Fi' or 'Ethernet.'

'New Device' menu
  1. Current Building. Name of the Infrastructure your device is assigned to.

  2. Device Floor. Choose the infrastructure floor, which your device will be assigned to.

  3. Charging Station Floor. Choose the floor where the charging station for this device is located.

  4. Charging Station. Choose the name of the default charging station for this device. The robot will use only this station for charging.

  5. Default Task. The default task is the task to which the robot will proceed after it has finished all the queue tasks. There are two types of default tasks for a device:

    • Go to position. Two fields appear if you choose this option: Choose the floor and Choose area.

    • Go to home charging station. Proceed to the charging station assigned to the device.

When all these fields are filled, click on the Register Device button, and your robot should be successfully added to Device Manager.