Stations is a section in Smart Infrastructure that contains all the stations you added. Here you can see information about devices in the station and add a device to a station, edit station, delete station, and set a station as a template.

You need a station (and a controller on it) when you want some devices to work in a particular place. For example, you have a camera to estimate each of the workers` contributions at a place where some operations are performed, and some sensors to estimate working conditions. To do this you:

Empty Stations Page

If you never used the Stations before, you can click on Add Station button to add a station.

Empty Stations Page

Stations Page with Added Stations

With some stations already added, the page looks like this:

Stations Main Page
  1. Search field. Allows you to search available stations by a number the title.

  2. Add Stations button. It allows you to add a new station to the system.

  3. Stations Info card. All the main information about the station is displayed here.

  4. Station's Status. Shows you the status of the present station.

  5. Go to Stations. Redirects you to the chosen station page where you can see more details and set your station and controllers.

Station Info Page

To open this page, click on Go to Station button on the Main stations page.

Station's Info Page (top)
  1. Name. Specifies the name of the station

  2. Open Core. Allows you to go to the Core and manage device nodes.

  3. Add Device button. Allows you to add a new device to the station.

  4. Add Controller button. Allows you to add a new controller to the station.

  5. Cloud Applications. Contains all the applications you added to the station.

  6. Add application. Allows you to add a new application to the station.

Station's Info Page (bottom)
  1. Controller. An info card of the main controller where you can see its status, added drivers, applications, devices, and AOS nodes.

  2. Add Driver. Allows you to add the driver, which will enable a controller to work correctly.

  3. Add Application. Allows you to add an application to the controller and see how it is running.

  4. Add Device. Allows you to add a device to the controller.

  5. Add Node. Allows you to add a node connected with the Core.