Device Manager
Devices are all electronic gears that work at the infrastructure and can be connected and managed using Aitheon services. A robot is a device with an embedded controller. A camera or a switcher are devices that need a controller device to manage them. But all these are devices.
The Device Manager page allows you to check all your devices at the infrastructure, check their connections, update drivers, and apps.

Empty Device Manager Page

If you never used the Device Manager before, you can click on the Add Device button to add a device.

Device Manager Page with Added Devices

With some devices already added, the page looks like this:
Main Device Manager Page
    Filter. Allows you to filter available devices by a number of criteria.
    Search field. Allows you to search through the devices by names
    Add Device button. Allows you to add a new device to the system.
    Device Info cards. All the main information about the device is displayed here.
    Info. Opens the page with detailed info about the device.

Device Info Page

Click on Info to open the Device Info page.
Main Device Info Page (top)
(1) Name. Specifies the name of the device.
(2) Current task. Contains a task the robot is performing right now.
(3) Task Queue. Lists the information about tasks in the queue.
(4) System Information. Specifies technical information about the robot.
(5) Open Core. Allows you to go to the Core and manage device nodes.
(6) Add Task. Allows you to create a task for the chosen robot device.
(7) Device Settings. Allows you to change the device's settings.
(8) Turn off. The device will be turned off, and all its current and queued tasks will be stopped.
Main Device Info Page (bottom)
(1) Device location map. The golden dot shows you where the device is located in the structure.
(2) Modules. Shows you information about the Battery Module and Camera Module.

Device Settings Page

In the Device Settings menu, you can change all the settings of your device.
Device Settings Menu (top)
Device Settings Menu (bottom)

Device Manager Filters

By clicking on the Filter sign, you will be able to filter the devices list by three options:
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