All Infrastructure

All Infrastructures

You can see the main page of the Smart Infrastructure service. You can find and view all your Infrastructures on the map and in a list (1) - this is the All Infrastructure tab (2). Also, here you can check Archived Infrastructure (3) and Activity History (4).
The location of your infrastructures is specified on the map. Click on the golden dot on the map to see a preview of the infrastructure located there.
Clicking on the ADD INFRASTRUCTURE button (area 1) allows you to add new infrastructure to your Smart Infrastructure account. Your infrastructures are sorted by types: Buildings, Warehouses, Factories.
You can search by name throughout all infrastructures. Just type the name of your infrastructure in the Search field, and you'll see it filtered.

Archived Infrastructures

This section views the All Infrastructures section with the only difference that you cannot change anything inside an archived infrastructure.
The Archived infrastructure section is visible if the service has at least one archived infrastructure. In order to unarchive an Infrastructure, you have to click on the specific infrastructure, go to Settings, and click the Unarchive button.

Activity History

The Activity History section has records of all completed tasks that have been ever assigned.
There is information about each task specifying its date, status, device, infrastructure title, and floor on the left bar. By clicking on each of the tasks, you will see the floor structure where the task was performed.
You can filter activities by dates and list them by infrastructure/floors/areas, devices, and task types.
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