Add Station
A station is a particular area where some particular devices are run by a particular controller.
To add a new station to your infrastructure go to the Stations menu and click on the Add Station button.
You can add a station only to the infrastructure you have chosen on the Add Infrastructure page. If you want to add a station to different infrastructure, go to the All Infrastructures page and open another structure dashboard.
Upon clicking on Add Station you'll be redirected to a New Station page.
New Station Page (top)
    Station Name. Give your station a name.
    Pay Rate. Add the pay rate of the station.
    Station Layout. Upload the top view of the station layout in .png from your computer. You'll receive it after purchasing the device.
    Image Scale. Enter the image scale in units/mm.
New Station Page (bottom)
5. Station Cover Image. Upload an image of your station from your computer.
6. Station Controller. Select a controller from the list of previously added controllers or click Add New Controller to add a new one.
7. Add New Controller. If you want to add a controller that is not listed click Add New Controller button.
New Controller Menu
8. Controller Name. Give your controller a name.
9. Serial Number. Add the serial number of your controller. You'll receive it after purchasing the device. Some devices do not have a serial number, so you can choose I don't have a serial number option.
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