Task statuses

    Scheduled. A task is scheduled for the future.
    Failed. A task that has been scheduled and, for some reason, failed to start.
    In Queue. A task that was created without scheduling a specific time.
    In Progress. The robot is in the process of completing the task.
    On Pause. A task in progress was put on Pause (to be available in the next release).
    Completed. The task has been finished.
    Canceled. The user has canceled the task. You can cancel a task from the Scheduled or In Queue status pages.


Any area, which is marked on the floor map. Every working area has its specific routes for the robot.
Restricted areas are zones that robots are not allowed to enter. There are no routes in such areas.


Waypoint is an alternative point on the map, not connected to any specific area. Waypoint can be used if you're creating a Go to task for the robot and need to choose any location on a map, no matter if it is a part of some area or not.

You can select a Waypoint on the map during task creation:

    Click Create Task and fill in all needed fields;
    When all needed fields are ready, click on Add a waypoint;
    Then you'll see a window with the floor map;
    Click on the map to put a point for the robot on it;
    Confirm a waypoint creation, and you'll be moved back to the Create Task form;
    Fill in a waypoint name (optional);
    Fill in other needed fields and save the task.

Charging Station

Charging station for your device. It can be assigned to a specific robot as a Home Charge Station.

Entry point

Shows up when a new area is created. A line made from the green points shows the robot`s entry route to get to the Origin Point.

Exit point

Shows up when a new area is created. A line made from the red points shows the robot`s exit route from the Origin Point.

Origin point

Shows up when a new area is created. Indicates the location of the robot when it is performing the task.
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