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A controller is a device, that performs some computing operations and controls periphery devices - cameras, scales, conveyor belts, manipulators, sensors, commutators, personal tags, etc. Basically, it`s a computer appointed to run all the station programs, including dashboard applications for users.
You need a minimum of one controller for each station.
To add a new controller to your station, go to the Stations menu, go to the needed station and click on Add Controller (1) button.
You will be shown the List of Devices window. If you have no added devices, you will see the following window where you can ADD NEW DEVICE.
Upon clicking Add New Device, you will be redirected to the Device Manager page.
Device Manager Page
    Device Image. Upload an image of your controller from your computer
    Device Name. Give your controller a name.
    Serial Number. Add the serial number of your controller. You'll receive it after purchasing the device.
After registering this controller will be available on the Device Manager page. On the controller page you will be able to:
    ADD DRIVER - a core program for the controller, you can add it from Marketplace as well as from existing device nodes request for it.
    ADD NODE - an additional program (node) that runs on the controller (that`s why it is called 'AOS node'). You can buy it at Marketplace, add from existing, or make a request.
    ADD APPLICATION - an additional program (app node like Dashboard, Application, Automation - see the Smart Infrastructure Guide/App Projects) that has a user interface with valuable information and control buttons - for example, for switching and chart watching.
    ADD DEVICE - connecting an additional device to the controller: camera, sensor, switcher, and so on. The controller will control these devices through the AOS nodes and the driver node and will communicate with users through application nodes.
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