The Tasks page consists of three tabs.
(1) Scheduled Tasks. All tasks scheduled for the future or currently in progress are displayed in this tab.
(2) Tasks Queue. All the queued tasks are displayed in this tab.
(3) History. All Failed, Completed, and Cancelled tasks are displayed in this tab.
To create a new task click ADD TASK (4).

Task Statuses

    Scheduled. A task is scheduled for the future.
    Failed. A task that has been scheduled and, for some reason, failed to start.
    In Queue. A task that was created without scheduling a specific time.
    In Progress. The robot is in the process of completing the task.
    On Pause. The task in progress was put on Pause.
    Completed. The task has been finished.
    Canceled. The user has canceled the task. You can cancel a task from the Scheduled or In Queue status pages.

Actions with tasks

Possible actions
Cancel, Edit.
In Queue
Cancel, Edit, Change order.
In Progress
Canсel, Pause (in next release).

Edit Task

You can edit a task using the Edit Task button:
'Edit Task' button

Cancel Task

The task can also be canceled. Its status will be changed after the cancellation. The task will be moved to the History page with 'Canceled' status.
'Cancel Task' button

Show/Hide filters

You can also filter all tasks in the menu by a number of criteria.
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