Create Task
The task for your robot or any other device can be created after everything else is set up and saved in Smart Infrastructure service. Here's what information you need to add to create a task.
'New Task' window
    ​Infrastructure: the facility where tasks will be executed (Buildings, Warehouses, Factories, etc.).
    ​Floor: infrastructure floor map.
    ​Area: a working area for a robot or device, marked on the floor map.
    ​Waypoint: allows you to choose a Waypoint on the map and attach a one-time task to this point.
    ​Device: specify the robot that should execute the task.
    ​Wait at goal: if you choose this option, the robot will switch to a stand-by mode upon the completion of the task, waiting for the user to confirm by pushing the Release button.
    ​Schedule type: specify when exactly the task should be executed.
As soon as you click 'Create,' the robot will start executing the task unless you specified the specific time for it.

Step 1. Choose Infrastructure in Smart Infrastructure Service

Smart Infrastructure main page
Use the search field or click on your infrastructure dot on the Map. You'll be redirected to your Infrastructure Dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Tasks and click on 'Add Task'

'Tasks' page
There is also an option to create a task for the robot in other menus:
    In Structure menu by clicking on the 'Create Task' button.
    'Add Task' button appears after you choose the area on the map in Structure menu.

Step 3. Fill in all the fields and click 'Create'

New Task window

Congratulations! You've created your first task for the robot!

The task you created appears in the relevant menu on the Tasks page, depending on the chosen Schedule Type
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