An infrastructure`s dashboard allows you to switch between floors, watch ongoing statuses of the infrastructure through the dashboard application and map.

Open Infrastructure Dashboard Page

When you have fully created an Infrastructure, you can add a task for your device. First, you should open Infrastructure Dashboard. To do that, find your infrastructure in the All Infrastructures menu and click on it (1).
You can also find your infrastructure on the map and click on the location dot and then VIEW (2).
Upon doing that, you will see Infrastructure Dashboard.
If there are no floors in your Infrastructure, you can add a new floor.

Dashboard Page

The main parts of an infrastructure Dashboard page are a floor map and a dashboard app user interface.
(1) Choose a floor to be shown.
(2) Open the floor sub-graph on the Aitheon Core graph table. You will be able to make needed connections with other sub-graphs and nodes.
(3) Open DEVICE PANEL with all added to infrastructure devices and choose which of them to see on the map.
(4) HIDE the map, so it will not interfere you when watching a dashboard app`s data.
(5) CREATE DASHBOARD APP if you don`t have one. If you have - you will see it here.
Last modified 9mo ago