Custom Components

Aitheon Apps Editor

A flow-based visual programming tool in Creators Studio. Allows a user to create and edit applications for Aitheon Platform even without deep programming knowledge.


A computer program that provides a user with needed functionality. There are three types of applications that a user can create in Creators Studio.


A distinct part of programming logic that performs some function in an Apps Editor project flow. E.g. http in that takes a message from a particular http, or chart that creates a UI chart widget. Components are placed on Apps Editor`s palette and divided by categories. One can use standard components, create a custom component, purchase needed components on Marketplace.

Creating an application in Apps Editor is building visual flows with components.


Applications and components can be purchased or sold on Aitheon Marketplace. A released application or a component has to be published so that other users (from other organizations) could buy it.


A representation of any application, program on Aitheon Core. Since Core is a visual automation tool (as Apps Editor is a visual programming tool), a user can operate nodes (apps) on Core visually moving and connecting them.


A ready-to-use version of an application or component after the development stage. A developer may edit an app in the Creators Studio project, but a user can use the update after the developer makes a release. In Creators Studio there are two options for releases: common Release and Quick Release. In Quick Release the name and version number of the app release are made automatically.


An execution environment of an app. When creating an app project one should choose the runtime environment properly: apps for devices usually run on the device`s controllers (AOS runtime), automation, or dashboard apps usually run on a cloud (AOS Cloud).