Dashboard page contains the set of the following widgets:

  • Notifications

  • Personnel cost

  • Total Wage cost

In Notifications, you can track the status of employee requests. Status shows whether a request is approved. To see a complete list of requests, select See all adjustments.

Requests are separated into three types:

  • Day off

  • Reimbursement

  • Manual time edit

How to approve or reject a request

  1. Select a notification with status Waiting for approval and select Details. The modal window appears.

  2. In the modal window, select Approve or Reject.

Data shown on Personnel cost and Total Wage cost widgets depends on the chosen period. To choose a period, select it in the bar above Personnel cost widget.

In Personnel cost, you can see statistics for your organization tracked during the chosen period. You can view statistics in two different units of measure.

  • To change the unit of measure, select Wage or Hours.

  • Each color in the chart indicates a different employee's data. To highlight one employee's data, hover over it in the chart.

Total wage cost shows statistics of employee salaries for the chosen period.

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