Documents page contains the list of uploaded documents. This page allows a user to:

  • Upload, search and manage documents

  • Send files to hire an employee

  • Share documents with employees

Documents are arranged into the following categories: All, General policies, New hire, and Drive.

All tab contains all documents from other tabs.

General Policies tab contains organization's terms and policy documents.

New hire tab contains documents required for a personnel hire. In the tab, documents are separated by personnel types, for example Contractor, Employee. Select personnel type to view documents for this type. To retrieve more information about personnel types, go to Personnel Types chapter.

In Drive tab, you can see documents from the Drive service.

Actions menu

To open the actions menu, hover over a document in the list, and select actions menu.

To open a document preview, select Preview on the actions menu. The modal window appears. From the modal window, you can view, print, and download a document.

To view file details, select Details on the actions menu. The modal window appears.

To download a document, select Download on the actions menu.

To rename a document, select Rename on the actions menu. In the modal window, enter a name of a document and select Save changes.

To add a document to a list, select Add to *list name* on the actions menu.

To delete a document from this list, select Delete from *list name* on the actions menu. The system deletes a document without confirmation.

To delete a document, select Delete on the actions menu. In the confirmation window select Yes, delete.

How to upload a document

  1. Go to General policies or New hire tab.

  2. In New hire tab, select personnel type in the sidebar. The system assigns uploaded files to a personnel type selected.

  3. Select the plus icon in the bottom right of the main window. The modal window appears.

  4. In the modal window, select a file you want to upload and select Open.

  5. A file appears at the bottom of the list in a chosen tab and All tab.

How to resend a document

  1. Go to New hire tab.

  2. Select personnel type in the sidebar. The system resends a document to all personnel with this type.

  3. In the actions menu, select Select. Resend button appears.

  4. Select Resend.

How to modify a document for signing

Signing allowed for documents in New hire tab only.

  1. Select personnel type in the sidebar and hover over the desired document.

  2. To open the signing redactor, select Sign on the actions menu.

  3. Drag and drop fields that require input.

  4. Select Close.

How to sign a document

  1. In the DocuSign modal window, select Continue.

  2. Some documents may contain multiple pages with multiple signing fields. If you need help, select Start to run the step-by-step guide.The guide will point out fields required for your signature.

  3. Select Sign. In the modal window, you can choose the appearance of your signature or draw your signature by hand.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your signature, select Adopt and sign. You can always change your signature in this modal window next time you sign a document.

  5. Select Finish.

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