Settings page contains tabs where you can configure a schedule, a probation period, taxes, notifications, user access, and request types.
In General tab, you can see the following elements:
    Schedule of payroll drop-down to select the frequency of payroll generating;
    Working days per week drop-down to select the number of working days;
    Working hours per day drop-down to select the number of working hours;
    Probation period drop-down to select the duration of the probation period;
    Simplified Tax box to enter tax amount;
    Notify before box to enter in how many days you want to get notifications about requests and probation periods ending;
    Salary basis enabled slider to select if you want to use a salary basis.
General tab
In Authorize Access tab, you can assign Head HR rights to a user. To assign rights, enter a name in Search by User Name box and select a user from the drop-down list.
Authorize Access tab
In Request types tab, you can add a new request type. To add a new request type, select Add type. In the modal window, enter Title and Description and select Save changes.
Request types tab
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