Control Panel
Control Panel is not a part of the Project Manager service. But it serves the PM to inform and show a user their tasks.
You can open the Control Panel from any Aitheon service: click the button at the top-right of a window:
The panel has three tabs:


The Notifications tab (1) shows all the messages from all the Aitheon services that concern you personally: i.e. 'a new task was assigned to you' (the Project Management service) or 'a new payroll was reviewed' (the HR service).


In the Tasks tab (2), you can see all the tasks you can be assigned to. It means that if you are in the team, you will see all the tasks in the project. But if you are not a member of the project you will have no its tasks in this tab.
The number of tasks is displayed above the tab:
    if there are no tasks assigned to you, you will see the number of all available tasks in a grey square;
    if there are tasks assigned to you, you will see their number in a red square. Also, this number will be displayed on the Control Panel button in all Aitheon services.
When you have an assigned task, you can start and pause a tracker of your work with it. See the example below.


In the Notes tab (3) you can put any notes you want and get back to them any time.
You can make a task or a reminder for your note. See the example below.
Also, you can expand or collapse the list of tasks (4), notifications, or notes. You can expand Details of a task or notification (5) and assign the task to yourself (6).

Making Tasks

Control Panel also allows you to create new tasks quickly in every service you allowed: in Project Manager or a task for a robot in Smart Infrastructure for example.
the CREATE TASK button is at the top of the Tasks tab.
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