First-time user (Basic mode)
Organizations and freelancers can collaborate using the Aitheon Project Manager service. You just have to create your organization account on the Platform (single users too).

What can you do?

View all the tasks that need to be done in a certain period of time.
View the tasks that were assigned to you directly. Track the time you spend on each task. Manage your daily schedule to keep in deadlines and switch between tasks when you need to change focus.
Keep all related information, specifications, notes, and media files in one single window. Get back to your task and all materials associated with it and required for its fulfillment without endless downloads, folders and different devices access settings.
Mark the task as Done to keep track of all your daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments.
How to do it?

1. Create an Organization

(If you already have one - go to chapter 2).
To use all the great features of Aitheon Services a company or a person has to:

1.1 Sign up to Aitheon Platform:

1.2 Add an Organization

A project manager can share a project with organizations but not individuals. So to collaborate on the project you have to be in an organization on the Platform. Just create your own one (or even several of them).
Click the icon (1) and choose Settings (2) to add your avatar and set up other personal settings.
Click + (3) to create your organization.
Or just pass the settings and create the organization directly from the Users Dashboard:

1.3 Create the Organization

Give it a name and click CREATE. Now the project manager will be able to share a project with your organization (inform them about your organization name on the Platform).

1.4 Set up the Organization

Go to Organization Settings:
On the settings page you can:
    change the organization name and avatar;
    ADD LOCATION (1) and manage these locations on the tab (6);
    ADD NEW TEAM (2) and manage teams on the tab (5);
    ADD NEW MEMBER (3) and manage members (4);
    manage Aitheon Services (7) you want to be available for the organization. For example, you need the Project Manager service to collaborate on projects.
In members and teams settings, you can specify available services and a role.
Now the project manager from the other organization can invite you to the project.

2. Open the Project

Check your inbox. See Aitheon Project Manager invitation email. Click the View Project button in the email. You will be redirected to the project.
Then accept the project invitation:
Note that it looks like your organization BobWEB invited you to the project, that was initially shared by My organization. My organization has no access to your staff, so it shares the project with the whole BobWEB organization. The idea is if you are an owner or administrator of the organization - it's on you to invite your employees to the project.

3. View the task

Look through the TO DO column. Click on the task to see details inside.

4. Take on the task

Click Assignee on the right side of the task modal window and choose the assign to me option.

5. Finish the task

Drag your task card from ‘To do’ to the ‘Done’ column.

6. Keep time track

Click the Control Panel menu bar on the top right of the platform view. Choose the Tasks tab to view the list of tasks assigned to you.
Click the task name to open the task in the project.
Click Details to view the task description and active link to the project with a full list of tasks.
Use the time counter to track the time you spend on each task fulfillment. Click on play/pause in the task notification field when you start/stop working on each specific task.
As soon as the task is finished, click Mark as done in your control panel taskbar.
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