Epic is a bigger "user story" that integrates many stories and tasks in one picture.
Projects build sequences of tasks to achieve the objectives. An epic collects stories and tasks from different projects to a kanban board.
For example, the "big epic user story" is: "A customer easily finds what there need on the web-site and easily purchases it". We have two projects that provide what we need: Site Maintenance and Customer Support. Some of the tasks in these projects lead to our epic story, some not. We collect proper tasks to epic and manage them in this interproject mode.

Creating Epic

In the Epics tab click CREATE EPIC, add a name, description, and dates.

Adding Tasks

Epic is not a project. It's a user story that consists of smaller stories or tasks in different projects.
To add a task from a project to the epic go to the project board, open the task and add the epic to its properties.

Managing Tasks

Tasks and stories on the epic board can be on one of four columns.
In projects, you can have many columns but all of them belong to three states plus the fours state: Done (see more in the Columns chapter).
When moving the tasks on the board you will see the original column name within the state to move to.
For example, if a task is on the In Progress column of the project, you can move it to Approve within one column of the epic. And it will be moved on the project board as well.
Also, when you move a task on the project board, it changes the position on the epic board.
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