Team member (User mode)

Go to the Project manager from the general services dashboard to view your organization's project dashboard.

In case you are a member of multiple organizations within Aitheon platform, choose the correct organization account to view the relevant Project Manager dashboard.

Enter the project you are invited to in order to start your first task completion.

Task management

As a member of an organization, you have permissions to create, edit, assign, complete and delete the tasks that you created inside a project.


Click 'Create new task' or just a click a plus in any specific board to open the modal window for new task creation.

Enter task name (1) and description (3) according to your organization requirements. Choose a type - task, story or issue. Unless your team role suggests otherwise, use task type (2) by default.

Choose a column (4) from a dropdown list to place the new task at the relevant stage. Set priority (5) of the task from a dropdown list or keep default medium priority to finish task setup.

At this step, your task can be created by clicking 'Create'. You may also proceed to optional fields: assignee, labels, epic. Assign (6) the task to yourself or any number of teammates involved. List of optional labels and epics to choose in each field is set by your project admin.

Labels (7) can be used to search and navigate through multiple tasks, connected via topic, status, group as assignees, etc.

Epics (8) are used to search the tasks within cross-related projects, connected in a single epic.

If the task has a deadline, add a due date and time (9). You can edit or remove the due date if required. All assignees of this task will get notified of the deadline via the platform.

Attach a file (10) from your device to add it below a task description.


View the list of unassigned tasks in the 'Backlog', 'To do' or any other custom column. Open the task to get it assigned.

Click assign and choose ‘assign to me’ option to take on the task. To reassign it, start typing the team member’s name to see if this assignee is available within the project.


Open the task to view its contents, edit any field, leave a note or attachment.

All your edits inside the task are saved automatically. Just exit the task as soon as you finish editing.

Edits history (editor and edit time) is reflected in the bottom right corner of the task modal window.


‌To finish an active task, drag it toDone’ column or change a stage to ‘Done’ inside the task modal window.

Moving a task to ‘Done’ stage marks it as a finished one and does not affect its contents. You will still be able to find all the tasks that were assigned to you reflected in the ’Done’ column.


You can delete any task on the board of the project you are invited to. Be careful as there is no option for a team member to view deleted tasks or restore them.

Workflow options

Configure your workload and manage your task fulfillment through the Aitheon control panel regardless of the service you are working in at the moment.

Task notifications

Click the control panel menu bar on the top right of the platform view. Choose 'Tasks' tab to view the list of tasks assigned to you.

View task name as an active link to the task in the project.

Click 'Details' to view task description and active link to the project the task is related to.

As soon as the task is finished, click 'Mark as done' to close the task in one click by moving it to the 'Done' stage without going back to the Project Manager.

Time counter

Use time counter to track the time you spend on each task fulfillment. Click on 'play'/'pause' in the task notification field when you start/stop working on each specific task.

(?) The time spent on your task will not reflect in the task window inside the platform. The tracking option is for your convenience only.

Navigation through boards and projects


Choose your project dashboard layout using the icons at the top of 'All projects' view. Switch between list and icon bar layouts to get a quick glimpse of all organization's projects available.

Reorder the projects in your layout view using arrows sign at the top right of the project preview.

Swap columns sideways inside the project using arrows at the sidebars. As soon as columns number exceeds five, you need to move through the stages. A task can be dragged only within the columns placed between two arrows.

Click 'Subscribe' in any column's menu bar to subscribe to email notifications about tasks moved to and from this stage. You can always click 'Unsubscribe' to stop receiving notifications.

Go from 'Mainboard' to the 'Backlog' tab (1) to see the simplified view of all the tasks, stories and issues, sorted by type.

Click 'Media' tab (2) to view all the media files uploaded to the project. Add a new file from your device or direct file link.

Find any task by its name using the search field. Start typing the word to see all tasks with this keyword in the name reflected on the board inside the project or as a list in all projects dashboard.

Use filters (1) to find all tasks related to one or several specific settings. Click the filter icon on the right to search a task by assignee, label, creator, type and priority.

Sort your search result by date or priority using sorting options in a dropdown list.

Use project keys (2) to find all tasks related to a specific project. The project key is reflected in the name of a task created within a project and contains a unique task order number.


Go to the project dashboard and click 'Epics' tab. View all the tasks in your organization sorted between the epics. In case an organization links few projects in one epic, 'Epics' tab allows you to get a clearer view of all the tasks related.


Move between 'Archived projects' and 'Archived epics' tab to view the tasks and stages, archived along. As a member, you can delete, edit or unarchive the archived epic.