The Aitheon Project Manager service core feature - a convenient and efficient tool for creating, assigning, tracking tasks in projects.

All Projects Tab

In this tab, you can see all the projects available for you. You can switch the layout (1), see the project`s access type (2).
You can see all the Public projects and those of Private ones where you take part.
You can share projects of Private access type with other organizations.
You can see how many task on each main stage in a project (3). Change the project's position in the list (4).
From here you can archive the project or go to its settings (5). Also, here all projects are created (6).

Creating a Project

Click CREATE PROJECT in the All Projects tab.
Type the Project name (1) and Product Key (2). The Product Key is the project`s ID, it must consist of three letters (no numbers).
Write the Description (3) of the project. A good description helps new participants to get aware of the project's purpose and general schedule.
There are two options of the PROJECT ACCESS (4):
    Public - the project will be available for everyone in the organization and everyone will be able to create and edit tasks.
    Private - only invited persons will have the access to the project and tasks changing. Only private projects are permitted to be shared with other organizations.
If you want a separate board for the project's issues - enable it (5). Otherwise, the tasks of the issue type will be displayed on the main board of the project.
When you hit CREATE the new project will appear in the All Projects list.

A Project

To get into the project click on it. The project page:
The basic page of a project is Project Dashboard (1). Here you can add a dashboard app (see the Dashboard chapter).
In the Main Board tab (2) you can see all the tasks in the project, add, update, assign, and so on.
Issue Board (3) is created when you enable this option on the project creation. Tasks of Issue type will get here.
In the Backlog tab (4) all the tasks in the backlog column are listed by types.
All the attachments to the project`s tasks listed in the Media tab (5) - documents, pictures, videos, and everything else.
In the project Settings tab (6) you can set up and change the properties of the project.

Main Board

By default, the main board is a kanban board with four columns: BACKLOG, TO DO, IN PROGRESS, and DONE.
A user can create a task in any column (1), search or filter tasks by different properties (2), add a column (3), and change the column's settings (4).
Drag and drop tasks to move them. Click tasks to open and set up.


When adding a column pay attention to the State: all the columns you add will belong to Backlog, To do, or In progress state. This is important for managing the tasks on the Epic board.


Set up and update the project settings:
    Details: change the project's name, picture, description, add labels, archive the project.
    Members: invite new members, change their access level, remove. Also in the Shared tab, you can see the members from other organizations if the project was shared (see Shared Organizations).
    Access: change the access type of the project (see the types in Creating a Project).
    Workspaces: the basic tool for project management is the Kanban board (see Main Board), but you can change it here.
    Shared Organizations: invite organizations to the project. You can invite only registered on Aitheon organizations. Members of these organizations who have access to the project you can find in the Members page, the Shared tab.


Don't be confused: there are Settings in each project (see above) and entire Project Manager service Settings.
The Settings page allows you to set up your notification preferences.
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